Holocaust, A Hoax?

Morsi aide: Holocaust a US hoax
Ynet News 30-1-2013

A key figure in Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s government called the Holocaust a hoax cooked up by US intelligence operatives and claimed the 6 million Jews who were killed by Nazis simply moved to the US, FoxNews reported Tuesday.
“The myth of the Holocaust is an industry that America invented,” Fathi Shihab-Eddim, a senior figure close to President Morsi was quoted as saying.  The Egyptian official was further quoted as saying that “US intelligence agencies in cooperation with their counterparts in allied nations during World War II created it (the Holocaust) to destroy the image of their opponents in Germany, and to justify war and massive destruction against military and civilian facilities of the Axis powers, and especially to hit Hiroshima and  Nagasaki with the atomic bomb.”
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Today, war is the default

What Is Antiwar.com All About?
by Justin Raimondo, January 28, 2013

antiwar_logoEvery once in a while it’s worth it to recall just why we’re doing this: that is, why we here at Antiwar.com spend our days reporting on events in obscure countries no normal person has ever heard of, tracking the pronouncements of politicians and foreign policy wonks, and exposing the War Party’s latest schemes.

It is, frankly, a thankless and exhausting task, and the problem is that one often loses sight of the forest for the trees. Our days are spent asking and trying to answer questions such as: How long will the French linger in Mali? Will Chuck Hagel be confirmed? Is the CIA secretly supporting rebels in Syria? Will the Magnitsky Act lead to a new cold war with Russia? What often gets lost is the answer to the question: Why should we care?
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The Lost Goddess of Israel

An almost innate need for people to recognize
a divine mother as well as a divine father
Bathia Amenahem

Lioness by Karl BangAbraham of the Bible  most likely grew up in a religious environment that believed in the Father God El, and the Mother Goddess Asherah. El was the creator of heaven and earth, the divine judge and was known to be wise and compassionate. Asherah was the great Caananite Mother Goddess since about the 13th century BCE.

After Abraham [left UR] and recruited some followers, he had a difficult time cutting out Asherah and the other regional gods. However, as time progressed in the Old Testament, the temptation to worship other gods lessened, while the blatant worship of Asherah along side of Yahweh continued.
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Obama & The Godly Mother

Obama’s Devotion to the Virgin Mary: Who Knew?
David Gibson, Politics Daily 2011

lincoln2Somehow this slipped past the Disputations filter, but during her vacation in Spain in August, First Lady Michelle Obama revealed that her husband — a.k.a. President Obama — “always carries a picture of Mary Help of Christians in his wallet.
Mary Help of Christians is the patroness of the Salesian order of priests and nuns, and during an Aug. 13 visit to the Spanish city of Ronda with her daughter, Sasha, the first lady stopped at the Salesian community there.

According to the Salesian news service, she told the priest in charge that her husband “always carries with him a photograph with an image of Mary Help of Christians, to whom, those present reported, the first family of the United States has great devotion.”
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Israel & The Iron Wall

Netanyahu Emerges Weakened,
But Most under Israeli Apartheid were Disenfranchised
Juan Cole, 23-1-2013

netanyahuThe combined Likud coalition with Yisrael Beitenu only got about 31 seats (the Israeli parliament has 120).
Likud is a far rightwing party based on the Fascist political philosophy of Vladimir Jabotinsky in the 1930s, while Yisrael Beitenu (Israel Our Home) is a far right nationalist party based on Russian, Ukrainian and other former Soviet Bloc populations, many of them only nominally Jewish or not actually Jewish at all…
Netanyahu is convinced that he will still be able to cobble together the 61 seats needed, at a bare minimum, for a majority in the Knesset. This outcome, however, is by no means a sure thing. Even if he can win a third term, his government will be fragile and deeply divided.
The 20% of Israelis of Palestinian heritage do not usually vote in larger numbers. They face so much discrimination that it is hard to convince them that anything good can come from an Israeli election.

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Liberty By Compassion

The Institutionalization of Tyranny

by Paul Craig Roverts – CounterPunch 21-1-2013

Republicans and conservative Americans are still fighting Big Government in its welfare state form. Apparently, they have never heard of the militarized police state form of Big Government…
Republicans, including those in the House and Senate, are content for big government to initiate wars without a declaration of war or even Congress’ assent, and to murder with drones citizens of countries with which Washington is not at war. … But heaven forbid that big government should do anything for a poor person.

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Zionism, Justice and Tribalism

“Teaching Jewish heritage isn’t only about building identity; at the risk of sounding racist, its about ensuring the survival of the tribe.” Raanan Gissin (Ariel Sharon’s top adviser and spokesman)

Mark Braverman: The Jewish Conscience

Israel and Palestine:
Reality Stood On its Head

israel-godThe history of conflict and bloodshed between the State of Israel, its Arab neighbors, and the indigenous inhabitants of historic Palestine is the unavoidable and predictable result of the colonialist nature of the Zionist enterprise. …
What is uncanny and tragic is that in the current discourse, the roles of the combatants are turned upside down: The Jews are portrayed as the victims, and the Palestinians as the aggressors.
In truth, it is the Palestinians who are the victims: dispossessed, powerless, and pained. In every way, the Jews are victorious and all-powerful. …
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The American Dream & Tribalism


At first glance, a sense of “belonging” may appear to be a very positive thing, but the more strongly you feel the bond of belonging to your own group, the more hostile or even violent your feelings may become toward Outsiders.

The Tribe

A tribe is a larger group tied together by family bonds. Tradition provides the key guide to behavior for tribal peoples. Tribalism tries to keep individuals committed to the group, even when personal relations may fray. This keeps individuals from wandering off or joining other groups. It also leads to bullying when a tribal member is unwilling to conform to the politics of the collective.
For a tribal society to exist its members must possess a strong feeling of tribal identity. A strong cultural or ethnic identity separates one member of a group from the members of another group. Lees verder

Gilad Atzmon: Songs of the metropolis

I do believe that compassion and empathy are universal humanist qualities

atzmon5Gilad Atzmon (born 9-6-1963) is an Israeli-born musician and writer.
Atzmon’s work can’t be understood in general terms because it’s a polyhedron: musician, composer, producer and writer. He’s in a constant searching of his human roots through his music and his writings, and both of them took him to a quick tour in Spain.
Gilad Atzmon visited Valencia to present his new book, The Wandering Who? A study of Jewish Identity Politics (Zero, 2011), and to take part in the Jimmy Glass International Jazz Festival.
Atzmon has just recorded his next album, Songs of the Metropolis which will be launched in January, 2013.  (Marta Ramon, All About Jazz 29-11-2012)
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To hell with logic

The Dumbing Down Of The American Mind
By Doug Soderstrom, 23 April, 2005

There is a very dangerous phenomenon that seems to be occurring in the United States of America; something that I refer to as “the dumbing-down of the American mind,” a nearly willful tendency for Americans to forgo reality in favor of believing what they want to believe. … In my opinion, there are five factors that can explain such a phenomenon.

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