The Lost Goddess of Israel

An almost innate need for people to recognize
a divine mother as well as a divine father
Bathia Amenahem

Lioness by Karl BangAbraham of the Bible  most likely grew up in a religious environment that believed in the Father God El, and the Mother Goddess Asherah. El was the creator of heaven and earth, the divine judge and was known to be wise and compassionate. Asherah was the great Caananite Mother Goddess since about the 13th century BCE.

After Abraham [left UR] and recruited some followers, he had a difficult time cutting out Asherah and the other regional gods. However, as time progressed in the Old Testament, the temptation to worship other gods lessened, while the blatant worship of Asherah along side of Yahweh continued.
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Obama & The Godly Mother

Obama’s Devotion to the Virgin Mary: Who Knew?
David Gibson, Politics Daily 2011

lincoln2Somehow this slipped past the Disputations filter, but during her vacation in Spain in August, First Lady Michelle Obama revealed that her husband — a.k.a. President Obama — “always carries a picture of Mary Help of Christians in his wallet.
Mary Help of Christians is the patroness of the Salesian order of priests and nuns, and during an Aug. 13 visit to the Spanish city of Ronda with her daughter, Sasha, the first lady stopped at the Salesian community there.

According to the Salesian news service, she told the priest in charge that her husband “always carries with him a photograph with an image of Mary Help of Christians, to whom, those present reported, the first family of the United States has great devotion.”
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