American men: caricatures of themselves

Jesus-machoMany American men have macho insecurity complexes. Buzz cuts, shaved heads, t-shirts with sleeves ripped off, struts, postures, afraid to express themselves in ways that may not be considered macho. Then there are the accessories such as horsepower cars, motorcycles, boots, leather, moustaches, head scarves, etc.

European men are more confident and natural, they let their hair grow longer, don’t strut when walking, and dress casually. American men try so hard to be machos that they represent bizarre caricatures of themselves. (Source)

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Those who curse Israel will be cursed!

Brooklyn College President Karen Gould has been under intense pressure from right-wing Israel advocates [..] that have threatened to withhold the College’s funding if a student-organized event on the growing movement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel is not canceled… Such a threat is likely a violation of the First Amendment. (Center for Consititutional Rights, february 2013)

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