Patriarchal Rule Stinks

Social Transformation and Feminine Values
Elizabeth Rabia Roberts, January 16th, 2013

god_bless_america_2dOur civilization is cracking. People everywhere feel disoriented, uncertain, anxious or discouraged. The old patriarchal paradigm, with its androcentric values and actions has resulted in a life-destroying, mechanistic, aggressive civilization which seems unable to guide us into the future without self-destructing.
Fortunately in our life time, a “New Story” is emerging through the co-incidence of Western Science and Eastern Spiritual teachings. It offers a fresh understanding about what it means to be human, what kind of world we live in, what counts for power and what is the meaning of “Spirit”.
This New Paradigm clearly demonstrates the harm that has been caused in both human development and planetary health through the historically overwhelming dismissal, not only of women and girls, but of feminine values in general.

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