Israel: Fear of freedom

Israel Between Zionism and Democracy
by Mordechai Nisan

us-jewsThere are two alternative conceptions of the proper political order and the modes of governmental policy toward a country’s population.
1) At the root of the democratic vision, certainly America’s version of it, is the abstract egalitarianism of individual rights for all peoples, at all times, under all circumstances.
2) At the heart of the national vision are ideas of ethnic character, religious identity, and historical solidarity serving as the foundation for a state.

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Jazz Age: Girls will be boys

The Bryan Ferry Orchestra, ‘The Jazz Age’
by Bob Boilen, First Listen February 04, 2013

bryan-ferry-orchestra-the-the-jazz-age-(cd)This is just about the most surprising album in recent memory, and a complete joy. The singer for Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry has also enjoyed a long solo career, both as an interpreter of songs by others — Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, Sam Cooke, Cole Porter, Lou Reed and many more — and as an extraordinary songwriter who’s released 13 solo albums, each with its own strengths.
Still, nothing prepared me for The Jazz Age, an instrumental album which re-imagines Ferry’s work and the songs of Roxy Music as if they were performed by a 1920s jazz band.
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