The Hand Of Fatimah

Iranian authorities detain
Iraqi Islamic thinker Ahmed Qabbanji
Shafaq News, 18 February 2013

A source revealed on Monday, that the Iranian intelligence services “Etelaat” arrested the Iraqi Islamic thinker, Ahmed Qabbanji. Qabbanji’s family lives currently in Iran, where he travels to from time to time.
It is known about Islamic thinker Ahmed al-Qabbanji of raising controversial ideas about Islamic history and religion through his books and lectures.


Ahmed al-Qabbanji:
“They have given Allah a bad image”

Shia Scholar Ahmad Al Qabbanji, 1 jan 2012

“They have given Allah a bad image due to Hell Fire, a TORTURER and a REVENGER, and that’s why they seek refuge with Fatimah Az Zahra, she doen’t have revenge, she is the All-Merciful.”
The Sjias seek refuge with Al-Hussain, he’s only merciful (meaning he’s not a revenger and/or a torturer).” “The image of Allah is distorted to the muslims, his image is distorted because of the torture… They made a torturer out of Him.”
The image of ‘Heaven and Hell is illogical’.” “This heaven, I call it a stockyard.” “I is eating, drinking, marriage and drinking wine…”
“There is no sign of humanity in Jannah…, like unselfinesh, creativity, working, motherhood…”
“The Jannah is just for eating and drinking.” “Animal instincts. Barbarian. The Arabs of the pre-Islamic era used to adore such a life.”
“If Allah tells me to enter the Jannah I will definitely be the first one to refuse to enter Jannah.
I prefer to go to Hell Fire, because there is a sense of humanity. There is consolation to the distitues and the ones who are tortured.”
“What am I going to do in heaven..?” “The one who is in Jannah will be bored..”

True Tears – Mulla Hassan Almodhafar

Fatimah: Islamic Views

Muslims regard Fatimah as a loving and devoted daughter, mother, wife, a sincere Muslim, and an exemplar for women. It is believed that she was very close to her father and her distinction from other women is mentioned in many hadith. After Khadijah, Muslims regard Fatimah as the most significant historical figure, considered to be the leader (Arabic: Sayyidih) of all women in this world…
She occupies an analogous position in Islam to that Mary occupies in Christianity.
She was the first wife of Ali, whom Sunnis consider the fourth Rashidun caliph and Shias consider the first infallible Imamah, the mother of the second and third Imams, and the ancestor of all the succeeding Imams.

Fatimah, regarded as “the Mother of the Imams”, plays a special role in Shia piety. She has a unique status as Muhammad’s only surviving child, the wife of Ali, their first Imam, and the mother of Hasan and Husayn.
She is believed to have been immaculate, sinless and a pattern for Muslim women. Although leading a life of poverty, the Shia tradition emphasizes her compassion and sharing of whatever she had with others.
According to Mahmoud Ayoub, the two main images of Fatimah within the Shia tradition is that of “Eternal Weeper” and “the Judge in the hereafter”.
According to Shia tradition, the suffering and death of Fatimah was the first tragedy of Islam. Shias believe they share in Fatimah’s suffering by weeping for her sorrows. The tears of the faithful is also believed to console Fatimah. (Wikipedia)


Fatima az-Zahra,
Poetry by Tamam Kahn

After Khadija’s death, Muhammad leaned on her for support; later she was given the curious and weighty title, “Umm Abi-ha,” which translates as “the mother of her father.” She became a symbol of protection in the culture of Islam. The open hand, a defining symbol of protection for Muslim women, is called “The Hand of Fatima.”

Protectress (al-hamiah)

We forget the face of Fatima
but wear the silver hand,
forget the look of a lighthouse
but recall the being lifted, dripping from the sea;
our horizons scored with a line
that’s not a line – just water and air held apart.
We taste salt. We remember an almost white sky,
the ocean knifed by indigo squalls,
cut by a swash of flying fish.
We concede her rescuing face; like her father’s we say.
But we cannot see his.
Ya falak ! We swim as stars, in orbit ‘round his daughter.
A ring of floating mercy, when she extends her hand,
we are met
in unforgettable touch.


The Hamsa Hand

Throughout the Islamic and Hebrew world, this symbol is known as either the Hand Of Miriam (sister of Moses) or the Hand Of Fatima (daughter of Muhammed).
In that area, it is worn as a symbol of protection, guidance, and providence. One of the most beautiful aspects to the Hamsa Hand symbol is that in a part of the world where cultures and ideas are clashing in sometimes hurtful ways, a single symbol quietly unites and exists between them. (Source)

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