Don’t Mess Around With The Devil In Yourself

The West is adept at demonizing
whoever they want to go after
John Robles, Voice of Russia 24-2-2013

Renowned author Dr. Edward Herman spoke with the Voice of Russia’s John Robles…
Dr. Herman speaks about how the West, the CIA and NATO manipulate the media to demonize whoever they want to attack and how friends become evil enemies at the drop of a hat.


Herman: The standard procedure of the United States and the NATO powers is to demonize whoever they are going to go after. So, Milosevic was made into a devil and the Serbs were made into an evil population. And of course the Bosnian Muslims loved that and latched onto that and they are still using it to achieve some of their aims.
Countries finds it extremely difficult to throw off the burden of demonization and hatred by the West.

After we crushed Vietnam, we allegedly lost that war, but we damaged Vietnam horribly, we actually succeeded in maintaining an 18 year boycott of this victim to whom we ought to have been paying huge reparations.
We actually should be paying gigantic reparations to Serbia for the illegal bombing war. But the West does this demonization and the demon charge hangs on.

So, each successful target you find this demonization process at work and the hypocrisy involved here is absolutely mindboggling because sometimes you have us changing our mind in mid-stream as with Saddam Hussein, when he was warring against Iran in the 1980s, he was a friend of the United States and they actually provided him with weapons of mass destruction…
The media doesn’t stress this and avoid it, they ignore the fact that he was our ally and then the next day he is a demon. …

The capability of the West and the media to manipulate facts, and the CIA to manipulate facts and demonize, and have an effective case against whomever we have demonized…, it is amazing how the West does this.

By demonizing the Other
The Devil in yourself
becomes ‘The Good Lord’

Groups often frame outsiders in a negative light, seeing them as less intelligent, less able and even bad or evil in some way. This is typically done when other groups are viewed as being competitors of some kind.

The trivialization and demonizing of others is often done in a ritualistic way, using the same words and following established and repeating patterns and sequences. It may include name-calling and implications of lower intelligence or other ability. Personal characteristics get simplified and stereotyped.

Making the others appear inferior

Good-vs-Evil2In separating ourselves from others we polarize, making both us and them more extreme. This creates space between us, making us distinctively different. When people are completely different from us it is easy to objectify them, converting them into ‘things’ that can be treated in inhuman ways.

We do this both as individuals and also as groups. Within a group this adds the social confirmation and power of agreement by others. Not only do we think ourselves superior, but others tell us we are superior too. This is a significant benefit of groups and is a key reason why we attach our identities to the identity of the group.
When others are demonized they may be feared, causing greater unity within the group. It also may be used to legitimize questionable competing tactics. If the other side is evil and bad then this justifies extreme measure to be taken against them.


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