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Iran frees al-Qabbanji
Shafaaq News, 10-3-2013

Ahmed_QabbanjiThe Iraqi thinker, Ahmed al-Qubbanji has been set free by the Iranian authorities and will return to Iraq soon, a close source reported. They banned the Iraqi thinker from the entry to its lands, a source close to the cleric reported.
The reasons behind the arresting of al-Qubbanji are “his ideas which are not appealed by the Fundamentalists in Iran”, the source said.
According to media reports, an Iranian Intelligence official claimed on an Iranian radio station that Ahmed al-Qubbanji was suspected of “spying for Israel” but his family has dismissed the allegation.
“Shafaq News” was the first Iraqi agency to report the news about the arresting of Ahmed al-Qubbanji by the Iranian intelligence in Qum on Feb. 18, 2013.

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