Time to re-discover matriarchal wisdom

Joseph Tartrian Band Celebrates
Our Mother
Syrian Arab News Agency, Mar 19, 2013

TartrianDAMASCUS,(SANA)- Joseph Tartrian Band has performed a concert accompanied by an operatic singing dubbed “I Sing to My Mother Syria” on the Drama Stage at the Syrian Opera House attended by Minister of Culture, Dr. Lubanah Mshaweh.
The program of the concert included a group of various Arab and foreign songs presented in a operatic way such as the “Umi” song by artist Fairouz which was dedicated to mothers.
Tartrian started his study at Solhi al-Wadi Institute as he learned how to play the violin, and he continues his study of the operatic singing at the Higher Institute of Music.

The Meaning of Motherland
by Rosamund Bartlett, 2006

A person without a motherland
is like a nightingale without a song.
(Russian proverb)

You might say that the Russians like to make things difficult for themselves… They  have as many as three words denoting ‘native land’.
Otechestvo is the literal word for ‘fatherland’, but it sounds high-flown and official to Russian ears, and is used mostly in poetry.
Otchizna is a word that suggests fatherland and motherland together, cleverly combining the root-word for ‘father’ (otets) with a female ending, but is also little used. Like otechestvo, it has a role in the rhetoric of nationalist politics.
By contrast, rodina (motherland) is used by every section of the population, and its associations are far more intimate. If otchizna and otechestvo relate to the country in which one is a citizen, rodina is the place where one is born – a familiar place which has always been there. It is where one feels a sense of belonging, the warm hearth to which one returns.
Rodina is identified with the nation’s soul. … The fundamental association, however, is with motherhood. Rodina means literally ‘birth place’, rather than the more genericsounding and impersonal English motherland – hence ‘Mother Russia’, ‘Mother Volga’ and ‘Mother Moscow’.


Most Russians continue to bear a strong emotional attachment to their motherland. ‘Rodina is a mother you don’t choose.’
‘Yes, it’s an inner feeling; when you come home, you get goose pimples,’ said another in St Petersburg. ‘Whatever kind of place it is, the motherland I mean, you have to, you absolutely must love it, and defend it, and be proud of all its successes.’

Ummi-Mother, by Ahmad Qabour

Ommi ya Malaki – by Fairuz
“Vision of A New Culture”
Gerda Weiler: “Ich verwerfe im Lande die Kriege.
Das verborgene Matriarchat im Alten Testament”

Social tradition, cult and language are only tenaciously following patriarchal evolution of mind.
Through the Old Testament it becomes clear, how matriarchal concepts become superimposed by patriarchal way of thinking.
We see, how matriarchal cult wordings are being misused for “holy war”.
The matriarchal concept of virginity is being perverted by masculine demands for the possession of women. The matriarchal thought of salvation is repressed by the messianistic expectation of the patriarchal world ruler.
The cultic and symbolic language is degenerated into allegoric speech, addressed by the “bridegroom Jahwe to his bride Israel”. However, the bride of the holy cult has fallen silent. The all-penetrating and glowing love is losing her integrative power. Through superpowerful bull symbols, alienated masculine sexuality is being built up in a one-dimensional way, while feminine sexuality is being damned and repressed.


“All wisdom of the Bible is stolen morality”

The Old Testament tries to overwhelmingly suggest, that only patriarchal customs and laws had an orderly living together of people made possible.
However, all wisdom of the Bible, on which Jahwe is appealing, is stolen morality going back to matriarchal origin. Jahwe misappropriated matriarchal wisdom, that which was at the beginning of times, the same way Zeus had eaten the goddess of wisdom Metis, like the Egyptian sun god Re did with Ma‘at, the primordial matriarchale wisdom, while making her his daughter.

The inner order of matriarchal consciousness is far more superior to the superimposed conformity to patriarchal law. It is time to re-discover this matriarchal wisdom and to become aware of its importance with regard to our survival.

Motherland – Love Your Motherland


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