Ahmadinejad & The Spring Goddess

Iran: A Clash of Religion and Nationalism
by Amir Taheri
Asharq Al-Awsat (pan-Arab newspaper), 22-3-2013

Under the Pahlavi shahs who promoted a nationalist narrative, the adjective “Islamic” was quietly set aside in favor of “Iranian”. Official discourse presented “Iranian” as synonymous with excellent and sublime.Having seized power in 1979, the mullahs were uneasy about the words Iran and Iranian from the start. …
The Khomeinist sect tried to scrap Nowruz, the Iranian New Year and, for years, banned pre-Islamic Iranian names for new-born children. Khomeinists insisted on attaching the adjective “Islamic” to everything under the sun. Thus, we got “Islamic” physics, biology, mathematics, cuisine, and, more interestingly, even music and cinema…
The mullahs’ leftist allies shared their hatred of “Iran” because they, too, saw nationalism as an ideological threat. To Marxists, people should not be defined by national background but by class affiliation.

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Science and the Jewish Myth

Zionists design myth of Jewish genome
Jim W. Dean, Tehran Times 9-3-2013

On December 14, 2012, Dr. Eran Elhaik (researcher from the Department of Mental Health at Johns Hopkins University) turned almost two generations of Jewish genome research upside down. But he went even further. The young Israeli-American geneticist has charged former researchers with academic fraud, and he has the research to back it up.
How could those eminent Jewish scientists before him have been so wrong?
Easy says Dr. Elhaik: “First these researchers decided what conclusion they wanted to find, and then they set off to find evidence to support it… It is my impression that their results were written before they began the research. First they shot the arrow — and then they painted a bull’s-eye around it.”

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Jazz in Egypt, a human experience

The Cairo Jazz Festival
Ati Metwaly, Ahram online, 20 Mar 2013

The Cairo Jazz Festival, which will run between 21 and 23 March, was founded in 2009 by Amro Salah, a pianist and founder of Eftikasat, a prominent Egyptian jazz band.
In the festival’s first year, Salah was partnered by jazz vocalist Ahmed Harfoush and Eftikasat bass guitarist Samer George, but he now works alone with “friendly support” from his former colleagues.
Salah started AGWA Productions, which he uses as base for organising the festival, hosting a growing number of local and international artists at El Sawy Culturewheel. This year, however, the festival has moved to other locations in Cairo: mainly Darb 1718 and Al-Azhar Park.

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Time to re-discover matriarchal wisdom

Joseph Tartrian Band Celebrates Syria… Our Mother
Syrian Arab News Agency, Mar 19, 2013

TartrianDAMASCUS,(SANA)- Joseph Tartrian Band has performed a concert accompanied by an operatic singing dubbed “I Sing to My Mother Syria” on the Drama Stage at the Syrian Opera House attended by Minister of Culture, Dr. Lubanah Mshaweh.
The program of the concert included a group of various Arab and foreign songs presented in a operatic way such as the “Umi” song by artist Fairouz which was dedicated to mothers.
Tartrian started his study at Solhi al-Wadi Institute as he learned how to play the violin, and he continues his study of the operatic singing at the Higher Institute of Music.

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Sleeping with the patriarchs

Naomi Wolf Sleeps with the Patriarchs
By James Lewis and Justine Aristea, 16-3-2013

Al-Gore_JazeeraIn the past few weeks, militant jihadism has won two major propaganda coups.
First, Al Gore, the world’s most famous critic of dirty oil, sold his “progressive network” Current Media, LLC, to the oil sheikhs of Qatar for a reported $500 million.
Second, Naomi Wolf, renowned author of Vagina: A New Biography and other top feminist works, sold her soul to the same Islamist patriarchy.
Feminists have been screaming themselves silly about America’s “patriarchy” for decades, while American men gave them everything they desired, including abortion on demand, any imaginable use of their genitalia, and most of all, the free speech right to peddle any degree of anti-Western nonsense. … As for the “constitutional freedoms” in Qatar, these come straight from the Holy Koran…

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Pope Francis & the Utilitarian God

“And now let us begin this journey, a journey of brotherhood in love, of mutual trust. Let us always pray for one another. Let us pray for the whole world that there might be a great sense of brotherhood.” Pope Francis I
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