Libya & Legalized Revenge

Libya : Law & Legalized Revenge
Jordan Times, May 28, 2013

compassionTRIPOLI — Mohamed Al Megaryef, the president of Libya’s top political body, resigned on Tuesday to comply with a new law banning Qadhafi-era officials from government jobs. Megaryef was Libya’s ambassador to India in the 1980s under the regime of now slain dictator Muammar Qadhafi before he defected to become a leader of the exiled opposition for three decades.
The GNC passed the law on May 5 under pressure from gunmen who had surrounded the foreign and justice ministries for days to press the government to sack Qadhafi-linked officials. Many of the gunmen were former rebels who helped topple Qadhafi and were hailed as heroes for their actions during Libya’s 2011 revolution.
Megaryef criticised those in Libya who use weapons to push their agendas, saying it undermines the government’s efforts to rebuild the country and achieve democracy.

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