John McCain & the ‘coup’



In Egypt, Sen. McCain calls Morsi ouster a ‘coup’
Sarah Lynch,  for USA TODAY, August 6, 2013

CAIRO – Two U.S. senators met with the Egyptian military Tuesday and urged it to release jailed members of the Muslim Brotherhood whose government the military deposed in what one called a “coup.” Republican Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham arrived here  on behalf of President Obama to persuade Egypt’s leaders to hold talks with the former Brotherhood government on scheduling new elections.
“In democracy, you sit down and talk to each other,” Graham said, adding that it is impossible to speak with someone when they are in jail. McCain labeled the July 3 overthrow a “coup” – a narrative rejected by a large chunk of the population who rose up against Brotherhood member and President Mohammed Morsi before Gen. Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi forced Morsi out and put him under house arrest. Graham called the action “a transition of power not by the ballot box.” (The Obama administration has refused to label the action a coup.)

“The statement he made does not help very much,” Mustapha Al Sayyid, professor of political science at Cairo University and the American University in Cairo, said of McCain’s comment. “I think if he will act as a mediator, he should refrain from making statements that will be offensive to one of the parties.”

Muslim Brotherhood: Boycott Egyptian Media
IkhwanWeb (MB website), 7-8-2013

Based on an analysis of Egyptian media performance after the traitorous military coup against constitutional legitimacy, and out of a belief in the right of the Egyptian people to knowledge and their right to access information and accurate news which would enable them to take an honest and appropriate political stance about the situation arising from the coup, the Media Professors Against the Coup Front (MPACT) urges the Egyptian people to boycott state-controlled and hostile private print and broadcast media for the following reasons:

– 1. Egyptian media bow stupidly to military putschists’ calls for a mandate to fight violence and terrorism – a strategic mistake unprecedented in the history of the Egyptian state.
– 2. Egyptian media practice the ugliest forms of psychological warfare against the Egyptian people by adopting methods of deception, obfuscation, instigation and deliberate distortion of the protesting anti-coup people’s revolution in Rabaa Al-Adaweya and all public squares in Egypt.
– 3. Egyptian media use systematic methods to infuse the spirit of hatred against the people rising in revolution for dignity, for freedom and for the gains of the January 25 (2011) Revolution.
– 4. Egyptian media incite mass murder by focusing on calls to break up peaceful sit-ins by force, based on a single perspective of events and on false information from official sources that reflect the point of view of the putschists alone.
– 5. The putschists’ media lack the simplest rules of professionalism which require commitment to accuracy, honesty, fairness, objectivity, balance and pluralism of opinions.
– 6. Egyptian media promote utter lies and baseless rumors that does not in any way reflect the reality of the peaceful sit-ins … This is contrary to the ethics of professional media work that require accuracy to ensure societal stability.
– 7. Egyptian media strives to blur and twist the truth, thus replicating the role of media during the January 25 Revolution, ignoring the public’s right to honest, faithful and balanced reporting and accurate information…
– 8. Egyptian media strive [..]  to marginalize and repel all political forces’ attempts and initiatives aimed to stop the bloodshed and return all parties to the negotiating table
– 9. Egyptian media ignores the right of professional media fellowship, and does not see the confiscation of media freedoms, closure of newspapers or gagging and imprisonment of journalists…  Indeed, the discourse of journalists and political talk shows reflects a sort of vengeance, a spirit of revenge
– 10. Egyptian media undermine the gains of the January 25 Revolution and support the return of the police state and the use by State Security apparatus of heavy-handed tactics in dealing with the Egyptian people

MPACT, therefore, holds that Egyptian print and broadcast, state-owned and private are no longer patriotic national institutions, since they work against the interests of the country… MPACT, therefore, calls on the masses of the Egyptian people to boycott Egyptian media until media professionals wake up and return to their senses and duty, and commit to the values, ethics and conscience of truly professional media. In conclusion, we affirm that we are monitoring, analyzing and documenting all the crimes committed by the putschists’ media, with sounds, pictures, videos and texts, referenced to relevant media sources, personalities and journalists.

These documented crimes will be presented, together with names and facts, to relevant courts of justice to take legal action against the perpetrators, in time.

John McCain: The whole world is a battlefield
Swathi Nallapa, Policymic june 2013


A military coup (d’etat) is an organized action by armed forces,
meant to overthrow and replace a country’s government

Senator John McCain is nothing if not consistent. From his vociferous and unyielding support of the Iraq war, to subsequent calls for military intervention in Iran, Georgia, Libya, and now Syria, Senator McCain is arguably the most pro-war politician in Washington. …
In recent years Senator McCain [..] has thrown caution out the window as he consistently urges the U.S. to take military action all over the globe. In fact, as his Republican colleague Senator Rand Paul poignantly put it, McCain seems to think “the whole world is a battlefield.”

From an utter disregard of legality during the 1999 bombing of Serbia, to his push for preemptive bomb strikes in Iran a decade later, it seems as though Senator McCain is always leading some ragtag band of war hawks into yet another military entanglement.
To add insult to injury, Senator McCain is entirely unwilling to accept shortcomings and failings in his hawkish military strategies.
When asked in 2008 about previous comments by the Bush administration suggesting that we leave troops in Iraq for 50 years, McCain callously responded, “Make it a hundred.” For nearly every international conflict since 1983, Senator McCain’s response has been to urge the U.S. to exercise military force…

Thanks to decades of war mongering by Senator John McCain and other powerful leaders in Washington, President Obama, like others before him, is starting to feel as though military action is the only viable solution to international conflict.


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