Barack Obama & Israeli Machismo

AIPAC Gets Ready For War With Obama
MJ Rosenberg — Sept 26, 2013

Barack Obama and Hassan Rouhani have spoken. And they are on the same page. By that I mean not they agree about the issues dividing the two countries but that they are both ready to move forward, to test each other and see if an agreement is possible.
As tentative as all this is, it is a major breakthrough – as anyone who has paid even a little attention over the past 34 years knows. However, I do not see this process leading anywhere because the Netanyahu government and its lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), are determined to end the process and they have the ability to do it.
They intend to use the United States Congress to cause Rouhani to abandon  negotiations by making clear that Congress will accept nothing short of an Iranian surrender on nuclear issues.
Unlike President Obama who wants to ensure that Iran’s nuclear program is not used to produce weapons, the lobby, which writes the laws imposing sanctions on Iran, insists that Iran give up its nuclear program entirely.


AIPAC listed its demands in a statement last week. Its bottom line is this: Congress must not consider lifting economic sanctions until the Iranians stop uranium enrichment, stop work on installing new centrifuges, allow international inspection of nuclear sites, and move out of the country its stockpile of highly enriched uranium. 
In contrast to the administration which, recognizing that Iran (like every other country) has the right to nuclear power for peaceful purposes, AIPAC says that Iran has no such right. Not only that, if Iran does not agree to total nuclear surrender, “The United States must support Israel’s right to act against Iran if it feels compelled—in its own legitimate self-defense—to act.”

Obama better be prepared. AIPAC has been pushing war with Iran for a decade. Following Obama’s speech yesterday AIPAC posted a war video on its website. The martial music is reminiscent of Radio Damascus prior to the ’67 war and succeeds in about a minute at threatening every single one of AIPAC’s, I mean Israel’s, enemies….

The coveted ideal of “muscular Judaism” was at the base of the Zionist settlement in the Land of Israel, conceived as a masculine, mighty, heroic, vanquishing and victorious national project. On the way, all other options have been discarded — first and foremost, that of the dialogue. (The new Israeli machismo, july 2012)


Israel lost its freedom to use force
DEBKAfile Special Report September 27, 2013

DEBKAfile  is an Israeli military intelligence website based in Jerusalem, providing commentary and analyses on terrorism, intelligence, national security, military and international relations, with a particular focus on the Middle East. It is available in both English and Hebrew. The word “Debka” refers to an Arab folk dance. (Wikipedia)

Thursday, Sept.26, will go down in Israel’s history as the day it lost its freedom to use force either against the Iranian nuclear threat hanging over its head or Syria’s chemical capacity – at least, so long as Barack Obama is president of the United States.
During that time, the Iranian-Syrian-Hizballah axis, backed by active weapons of mass destruction, is safe to grow and do its worst. Ovations for the disarming strains of Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani’s serenade to the West and plaudits for the pragmatism of its Foreign Minister Mohammed Zarif flowed out of every window of UN Center in New York this week. Secretary of State John Kerry, who took part in the highest-level face to face encounter with an Iranian counterpart in more than 30 years, did say that sanctions would not be removed until Tehran produced a transparent and systematic plan for dismantling its nuclear program.
But then, in an interview to CBS TV, he backpedaled. Permission for international inspectors to visit the Fordo underground enrichment facility would suffice for the easing of sanctions starting in three months’ time. By these words, the US pushed back Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s first demand to shutter Fordo and its equipment for enriching uranium to near-weapons grade, which he reiterated at this week’s Israeli cabinet meeting in Jerusalem.

The foreign ministers of the five permanent Security Council members and Germany, meeting Thursday with Zarif, arranged to resume formal nuclear negotiations next month in Geneva. … The message relayed to Tehran from both wings of UN headquarters was that it was fully shielded henceforth by a Russian veto and US complaisance against the oft-vaunted “credible military option” waved by Washington.
Iran and its close ally, the Syrian ruler Assad, were both now safe from military retribution – from the United States and Israel alike – and could develop or even use their weapons of mass destruction with impunity….

Given the atmosphere prevailing in the world body these days, it is not surprising that the speech delivered to the assembly by the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas was rated moderate – even when he called the establishment of the State of Israel a “historic, unprecedented injustice which has befallen the Palestinian people in al-Nakba of 1948” and demand redress. This perversion of the UN’s historic action to create a Jewish state could only go down as moderate in a climate given over wholly under John Kerry’s lead to appeasing the world’s most belligerent nations and forces…

Hakim: Intellectuals to fix problems
by Ahmed Hussein on September 28, 2013


Asma Assad & young intellectuals

Baghdad ( The head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council Ammar al-Hakim emphasized on Saturday the importance of making use of the intellectuals and thinkers to solve the problems that face Iraq.
A statement by the SIIC received by cited “Hakim received in his office in Baghdad a delegation from the Iraqi intellectuals and thinkers,” noting that “Hakim stressed that including the intellectuals in the process of setting plans for developing Iraq will achieve success.”

Hakim assured that Iraq faces many basic problems and impediments that hurdle development due to lack of mature political leaders which leads for absence of strategic planning, according to the statement. “Hakim pointed out that the solution lies in granting the chance for the young and educated people as well as providing united and penetrating vision to lead an administrative revolution in the country by adopting scientific methods,” the statement concluded.

1 – a person opposed to or hostile toward intellectuals and the modern academic, artistic, social, religious, and other theories associated with them.
2 – a person who believes that intellect and reason are less important than actions and emotions in solving practical problems and understanding reality


The more things are intelligent, moderate, measured and proven,
the less they reverberate –  Haaretz 7-6-2011

There is no longer any serious intellectual discussion in the Israeli media today,” says Prof. Moshe Zuckermann, an intellectual historian at Tel Aviv University. “The discourse has degenerated, and is now completely vacuous.
When the prime minister returns to Israel after an idiotic speech […], the public’s enthusiasm for him only increases, based on what Haaretz reported. No discussion develops, except perhaps in [its] columns by Gideon Levy and Yossi Sarid.
“It used to be that after such a speech they would call me from Army Radio and ask me to explain how this could happen. But such questions haven’t been asked for a long time now. Nobody tries to examine the political, ideological or social aspects. Nobody asks why something happens and what it says about our fate,” he notes.

“We are living in a world that is violent – verbally, mentally and militarily,” Translator, poet and publisher Rafi Weichert  says.
“The more things are intelligent, moderate, measured and proven, the less they reverberate. The more extreme, provocative, metaphorical, laden with historical imagery and bloody they are, the more they are heard. We keep expecting more and more blood and extreme language.”
In this world, people of values have been pushed to the margins.  The people of values are no longer on the front line.  This is part of the violence and lack of culture in the discourse.


Some countries in the region along with extremist groups
make their best to create tension in Iran–US relations
Islamic Republic News Agency, 28-9-2013

Tehran, Sept 28, IRNA – Former Iranian Representative to the United Nations in Vienna Ali Khorram said on Saturday that extremist groups seek to create tension in relations between Iran and the US.  Speaking to IRNA, he said President Rohani opened a new chapter in foreign diplomacy.  President Rohami proved that Iran is determined to change its approach toward with the West. …

Problems could be better resolved in a friendly atmosphere, Khorram said adding that such measures should be taken many years ago to prevent escalation of tension.
He said that there are many individuals or groups who are against improved relations between Iran and the US, because rapprochement will usher in a trend which will not serve their partisan interest.
We should not forget that some countries in the region along with extremist groups make their best to create tension in Iran–US relations to meet their interests,” he said.


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