Netanyahu’s Clothes

Netanyahu says Iran headed by ‘wild, aggressive cult’
Jerusalem Post Staff, 3-10-2013

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued his public relations campaign against the Iranian government on Wednesday, telling an American television network that Iran’s government is a “cult.”
“[The Iranian people] are governed not by [President Hassan] Rouhani. They’re governed by Ayatollah Khamenei. He heads a cult. That cult is wild in its ambitions and its aggression,” Netanyahu told NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell. … “He calls the shots, Khamenei. [Rouhani] tells him — he tells his boss, the dictator of Iran:  ‘I can get you the completion of the nuclear program by speaking nicely to the West. What Ahmadinejad tried to do with a frown, I’ll do with a smile…'”

The premier told NBC that while Rouhani may appear moderate, Tehran’s nuclear ambitions remain unchanged. “[Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad was a wolf in wolf’s clothing. And Rouhani is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But it doesn’t mean we should let him…pull the wool over our eyes,” he told Mitchell. “I say, distrust, dismantle, verify,” he added.

Netanyahu argued strongly against a relaxing of sanctions that have seriously hampered the Iranian economy.
“They’re on the ropes. If you want to knock out Iran’s nuclear weapons program peacefully, then don’t let up the pressure,” Netanyahu urged. “Keep the sanctions up. And that will prevent Iran from arming itself. And that, too, will prevent the next war. Be firm to prevent the next war.”



Khamenei & Revolutionary Islamic values

For Khamenei, the 1979 revolution was about ridding Iran of two evils—the shah and the United States—and creating a theocratic government imbued with four core values: justice, independence, self-sufficiency and Islamic piety.
These revolutionary ideals continue to dominate Khamenei’s political discourse, and he interweaves them seamlessly: Islam embodies justice. Independence requires self-sufficiency. And foreign powers are hostile to an independent, Islamic Iran.

Khamenei’s vision for a just Islamic society translates as a form of religious socialism. Western governments fail, he argues, because the whims of capitalism and self-interest deny justice to millions. He has championed privatization efforts, yet state subsidies for basic food items and other essentials remain Iran’s chief method of providing economic development and social justice.

   For Khamenei, the Islamic Republic’s top foreign policy priorities include resistance against the United States and Israel, which he sees as two sides of the same coin. Khamenei believes that Washington aspires to go back to the patron-client relationship with Iran that existed during the Pahlavi monarchy. (Iran Primer)


Ali Khamenei: Spiritual & Political Leader
“Islam, social justice and ‘not to be deceived by enemies'”

Free-mindedness is a divine blessing…  Free-mindedness means ascending in the endless atmosphere of thought and free and conscious movement toward the unknown realms of knowledge. Free-mindedness has been subjected to injustice, for some consider it a cause of breach of fundamentals and values and this is why they reject, while some others consider it an assault on the fundamentals, principles and sacred values and this is why they welcome it. But both the approaches are wrong and it is  injustice to free-mindedness. (Teheran Times, 29-1-2003) 

The culture of justice should prevail in the country. Often we talk about justice, but, it is not being observed in practice. The atmosphere should not be in a way that those who have accumulated illegitimate wealth take the initiative from people and the government.”  (Teheran Times, 5-2-2003) 

The Americans have always supported the Zionist regime over the past 50 years, therefore in regards to the Palestinian issue, the United States is opposing Muslims and cannot be a mediator..”  “The Zionist regime is not committed to the signed agreements” … “Unity among the Arabs and Muslims would be  the only solution to the issue…” (Theran Times 3-9-2003) 

Iran should endeavor to make use of all modern methods and technologies in educational fields in order to reach the lofty goals of the Education Ministry and improve the scientific level of teachers and students…. An ideal man favored by Islam is one who is successful both in materialistic and spiritual aspects of life, adheres to ethics and justice, and is interested in attaining spiritual perfection…. (Tehran Times, 21-7-2004) 

The explicit and clear style that members of Iran’s younger generation use to express their views is a priceless achievement of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Referring to the efforts to destroy the self-confidence and hope of the younger generation during the pre-revolutionary period, Ayatollah Khamenei said those efforts aimed to create a dependent generation. Khamenei told students to use logic in expressing their viewpoints and noted that the objectives of the younger  generation should be based on goals, hope for the future, scientific advancement, and problem-solving. (Tehran Times 27-9-2004) 

Ayatollah Khamenei blamed the Western colonialist strategy for Iran’s backward period in terms of science and technology during the Qajar and Pahlavi eras.  
“From the middle of the Qajar era until the end of the Pahlavis rule, Iran passed through a retrograde period which demolished all its bright and magnificent traditions in science and civilization due to the colonialist goals of the Western empire”.
For about one century, the governments only followed the Western model and prevented domestic technicians from developing any innovation, initiative, or self-confidence, and this helped Western countries dominate every national affair.”  (Mehr News 23-2-2005)


The cult of atheist Zionism posing as Judaism
By Rich Siegel, Deir Yassin 1-1-2012

This essay was first published in Beyond Tribal Loyalties: Personal Stories of Jewish Peace Activists. (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012)

I consider myself a cult survivor. I was raised in the cult of Atheist-Zionism-Posing-as-Judaism.
I stated this to a few select friends several years ago, and they thought it was funny. But I’m serious…
During my childhood, Zionism and Israel were held up on a pedestal. They were central to our existence, our identity, our raison d’être. They were our sub-cultural equivalent of “Mom and apple pie”.
I grew up convinced that they were perfect and beyond reproach. There was simply nothing in my environment to indicate otherwise.
Finding out that I had been lied to all my life, and that I had been supporting something that I would never have supported had I been told anything resembling the truth, has been absolutely shattering. ….

I began to look for a Jewish place of worship where I would be comfortable. Orthodox Judaism was out of the question because of its multitudes of laws and the endless debate and analysis about them. Why would the Master of the Universe give a hoot if I push a baby carriage on the Sabbath, inside or outside a wire perimeter hung between telephone poles5? I wasn’t going near any of that. I investigated Reconstructionist Judaism but found that they were worshipping Jewish tribal identity and Israel much the same as in my Reform synagogue. Finally and reluctantly I began looking outside Judaism. The “New Thought” movement, consisting of various types of churches and centres, has worked nicely for me for many years. I’m a member of the Congregation of Universal Wisdom, which does not offer religious services, and I attend services regularly at Unity churches and Religious Science centres. I enjoy the focus on One God without tribalism

Remarkably, for many years, having identified contemporary Jewish culture as a cult, and having gone outside Judaism to worship, I was still so totally indoctrinated into Zionism, that I continued to believe all the mythology. I still believed that Israel had never done anything to harm anyone, that the Arabs just hated us for no reason.
I’ve been reading continuously since then. I’ve come to understand that Zionism has been a political agenda that sought to take a land with a 95% non-Jewish population, and turn it into a Jewish-exclusivist state. …
I find it painful to witness the spectacular hypocrisy of a people who are still whining, “Where was the world during the holocaust?” while committing another holocaust in Palestine. It’s a depravity that paradoxically I find both familiar and unfathomable.
The willingness among Jews to obsess with Jewish suffering while being completely immune to Palestinian suffering, scares me. I don’t want to believe that I come from a place that sick. …

I made the decision to stop calling myself a Jew, to simply leave the cult.
I respect the Jewish activists who speak about the crimes of Zionism as antithetical to “Jewish values”, but I’ve had quite enough of “Jewish values”, and embrace only universal values.
I find I have little patience for those who advocate for a “two state solution” or for any solution that calls for continued Jewish exclusivity in any part of historic Palestine. Clearly, peace will come with justice, and justice calls for the return of the refugees and their descendants, and the re-making of this land into a pluralistic society.

For me it’s simple: One God, one human race, equality, justice. We live in a world that tries to make those things very complicated. They are not.


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