Saddam’s Death update

Trump’s move on Jerusalem:
“Shedding a mask that every
US president has worn for decades”
Ramzy Baroud, Middle East Monitor, December 7, 2017



“America stands with Israel because her cause is our cause,
her values are our values and her fight is our fight.”
Mike Pence (Christian Zionist), 28-11-2017



Finally, US President Donald Trump pulled the plug.
The so-called peace process, two-state solution, “land-for-peace formula” and all the other tired clichés have been long dead and decomposing.
But Trump’s announcement yesterday to officially recognise Jerusalem as capital of Israel has also laid to rest the illusion that the US was ever keen on achieving a just and lasting peace between Israel and its neighbours.There can be no talk about a “two-state solution”, a “Palestinian state withast Jerusalem as its capital”, and all the other platitudes that defined the US political discourse in the region for decades.
Worse, United Nations Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338 have served as the trademark of US approach regarding what has been termed the “Palestinian-Israeli conflict” since 1967. The resolutions call for Israeli withdrawal from the territories it occupied since the war of 1967.
Since then, East Jerusalem has been recognised by international law and even by every country that extended diplomatic ties with Israel as an integral part of the Occupied Territories.

By accepting Israel’s illegal annexation of Occupied East Jerusalem, Trump ends an American political gambit that lasted decades; supporting Israel unconditionally, while posing as a neutral, honest party.
Although his move is aimed at appeasing Israel, its US allies in government, and his base of fundamentalists and conservatives, he is also shedding a mask that every US president has worn for decades.
However, Trump’s decision, while it will upset the delicate political equilibrium in the Middle East, will neither cancel nor reverse international law. It simply means that the US has decided to drop the act, and walk wholly into the Israeli camp, further isolating itself from the rest of the world by openly defying international law…

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