Gilad Atzmon: Songs of the metropolis

I do believe that compassion and empathy are universal humanist qualities

atzmon5Gilad Atzmon (born 9-6-1963) is an Israeli-born musician and writer.
Atzmon’s work can’t be understood in general terms because it’s a polyhedron: musician, composer, producer and writer. He’s in a constant searching of his human roots through his music and his writings, and both of them took him to a quick tour in Spain.
Gilad Atzmon visited Valencia to present his new book, The Wandering Who? A study of Jewish Identity Politics (Zero, 2011), and to take part in the Jimmy Glass International Jazz Festival.
Atzmon has just recorded his next album, Songs of the Metropolis which will be launched in January, 2013.  (Marta Ramon, All About Jazz 29-11-2012)
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